Classroom Policies for Our Kindergarten Classroom

Mrs. Clelland


Classroom Rules

  1. Be Polite

-          Use an “inside” voice

-          Say please and thank you

-          Wait your turn/Share with others


  1. Be Respectful

-          Look at the person who is speaking

-          Raise your hand

-          Keep hands and feet to yourself


  1. Be Responsible

-          Remember planner/ materials needed for class

-          Put your things away

-          Follow Directions


*The Arlington School District teaches the Boys Town Social Skills to students to help them through situations they might find difficult.  (The skills are listed on the back of this page.)  When a classroom rule is broken, these consequences will follow.

1st Verbal reminder of skill

Ex. Remember to wait your turn

2nd Practice skill during 5 minutes of recess

Ex. Talk with them about what they could do next time instead of repeat the behavior.

3rd Practice skill during whole recess and call/write note to parent

4th Practice skill during all recesses for the day and conference with parent and Mrs. Gross.

Severe behavior (swearing, hitting): Visit to the office and call home


Grading System

The students will be graded on their assignments, assessments and observation using the following letter grades:

100-96=A+    95=A              94=A –           Excellent

 93-89=B+      88=B               87=B -             Great

86-82=C+      81=C              80=C -             Average

79-77=D+      76=D              75=D -            Below average

74 and below                                                         Failing

*You can check your child’s grades by going to the Arlington School Home Page ( and clicking on “student grades”.  If you don’t have an account set up, contact Mr. Parry for a user name and password.  Remember:  Grades are only 1 part of your child’s progress.  Children progress at different rates so it is important that we measure individual progress as well.  



I, ________________________________, have received and read 

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the classroom policies for Kindergarten students. _______________






Boys’ Town Social Skills


Greeting Other                               Following Instructions

1.       Look at the person.                           1.  Look at the person.

2.      Use a pleasant voice.                         2.  Say “Okay.”

3.      Say “Hi or Hello.                                3.  Do what you’ve been                   

    asked right away.



Disagreeing Appropriately                 Accepting Criticism/Consequence

1.       Look at the person.                                     1.  Look at the person.

2.      Use a pleasant voice.                                   2.  Say “Okay.”

3.      Say “I understand how you feel.”                 3.  Don’t Argue.

4.      Tell why you fell differently.

5.      Give a reason.

6.      Listen to the other person.



Giving Criticism                               Accepting Compliments

1.     Look at the person                                       1.  Look at the person

2.    Stay calm.                                          2.  Use a pleasant voice.

3.    Use a pleasant voice.                          3.  Say “Thank You.”

4.    Describe what you are criticizing.      4.  Don’t look away, mumble, or   

5.    Tell why this is a problem.                       deny the compliment. 

6.    Listen to the person.  Be polite.                   5.  Do not disagree with the 




Making an Apology                                  Giving a Compliment

1.     Look at the person.                                      1.  Look at the person.

2.    Use a serious, sincere voice.                        2.  Smile.

3.    Say “I’m sorry for….”                                 3.  Speak clearly/enthusiastically.                                                     

4.    Do not make excuses.                                  4.  Tell the person exactly what you like.

5.    Explain how you plan to do better in                     

the future.

6.    Say “Thanks for listening.”






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